Wednesday, February 14, 2007

USA Today Poll has Giuliani in Lead

Rudy Giuliani has overwhelmingly taken the lead as preferred Republican nominee in the latest USA Today Gallup poll, taken between 9-11 February.

And in even more positive news for the Giuliani campaign, his favorable rating amongst Americans has gone up to a massive 66%. This is up from 62% in January, although not yet near the 77% high he received in the same poll in December.

On the preferred nominee question, Giuliani leads John McCain 40% to 24%, with 425 Republican and Republican leaning voters surveyed. Behind them are Newt Gingrich on 9% and Mitt Romney on 5%.

And on the question of preferred President, Rudy Giuliani leads Hillary Clinton 50%-48% and Barack Obama 52%-43%.

65% of people surveyed thought that Giuliani would make a good President - the highest rating of any of the candidates.